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Your warranty with extras

More peace of mind for up to twelve years for opaque systems and seven years for translucent systems.
Modern wooden windows provide significant advantages over PVC alternatives, ranging from specification standards and easy maintenance, through to the 12-year guarantee in our Extralife warranty program.

How wooden windows could benefit your next project
Advances in quality and substrate engineering mean wooden windows can now consistently outperform PVC alternatives.

Decades of durability
Most sustainable solution with built in warranty.

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Challenging the myth of wood vs plastic
Wood Extralife

Challenging the 6 myths of wood vs. plastic

1. Superior design & aesthetics

Wooden Windows
Wooden windows are available in million of colour variations, while PVC colour choices are very limited.

Plastic Windows
Plastic windows are practical and offer a consistent aesthetic, but they provide little or no customisation options.

2. Energy Efficiency

Wooden Windows
Wood is a natural insulator and helps to retain heat inside the building. Due to the natural strength of wooden window frames, they are particularly suited to triple-glazing without the need for additional reinforcement, which helps to preserve the aesthetics.

3. Supremely sustainable

Wooden Windows
Wooden windows are not only sustainably sourced, but they are also fully recyclable at the end of their useful life (cradle to cradle approach). Sustainable timber sourcing and replanting management also help to minimise the negative environmental impact of wooden windows.

Plastic Windows
In contrast, PVC windows have a significant negative impact on the environment. Recycling is much more limited and plastic products in general are hugely harmful to the environment, taking much longer to biodegrade in landfill.

4. Versatile & adaptable

Wooden Windows
To change the look of wooden windows, they can simply be repainted using on-trend colours. This gives you the ability to refresh the aesthetic as often as you like, keeping the windows looking fresh and well-maintained for many years.

Plastic Windows
It is not possible to repaint PVC windows, which means the colour and aesthetic cannot be altered or updated. To do so would mean replacing the full window – a vastly more expensive task.

5. Durability guaranteed

Wooden Windows
In recent years, huge developments in coating solutions have been made to improve the performance and durability of coatings for wooden windows. With factoryfinished wooden windows coated with Sikkens Extralife, there is no need to recoat until at least 12 years after installation.

6. Value for money

Wooden Windows
New or replacement wooden windows are an important long-term investment. They add value to a home, save on fuel bills, reduce condensation, reduce noise and minimise maintenance. While the initial purchase price may be higher, they can last twice as long as PVC equivalents.

Plastic Windows
PVC windows may have a lower initial purchase cost, but over the product lifetime – considering factors such as aesthetics, efficiency, sustainability and maintenance – they are generally more expensive than wooden alternatives.