Product Description

Lightfast solventborne 2K topcoat with high scratch resistance, as well as resistance to chemicals and heat. On light wood, this product has sun blocking properties. Application by brush, roller or spray. Can be used as a final finish for Quantum Color T460.

  • High scratch resistance
  • Chemical and heat resistance
  • Sun blocking on light wood
  • Closed and open pores
  • Non-yellowing, lightfast in all conditions
Quantum T280  PU Acrylic Top Coats
Main Areas of Use
Interior, Furniture, Cabinets, Kitchen, especially in bathrooms
Spray application Airmix/Airless, Spray application high/low pressure
Mix Ratio
10% (10:1)
  • DIN 68861/1B/1C Chemical Stress
  • CATAS EN 1186-5 Food Contact
  • EN 71-3 European Standard For Migration Of Heavy Metals/Chemical Elements (e.g., Tests Children's Toys) & DIN 53160-1/2 Saliva And Sweat Fastness
Colour Shade Gloss Level @ 60° Packsize
CLEAR Semi-matt (15) 5 l / 20 l
CLEAR Semi-gloss (30) 5 l / 20 l
Colour Shade CLEAR
Gloss Level @ 60° Semi-matt (15)
Packsize 5 l / 20 l
Colour Shade CLEAR
Gloss Level @ 60° Semi-gloss (30)
Packsize 5 l / 20 l
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