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Top coat: Natural effect coatings

Natural effect coatings: maintain natural beauty

Since time immemorial, wood has been one of the materials with almost unlimited variety of use. As a renewable, energy-saving material, it has a special ecological value. But wood does not just have an exciting past, but also a big future. As it has outstanding material properties and a pleasant living ambience, houses, windows, doors, furniture and floors are built from it. Those who experience wood with all their senses experience its value and see its natural beauty. The Sikkens Wood Coatings natural effect coatings maintain this beauty, protect the wood and increase longevity. The transparent, velvet-matt surfaces underline the wooden structure and show the wooden material from its most beautiful side.

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Enjoy nature

We have the right products for you to enjoy your garden with wooden furniture without a great deal of maintenance: With our coatings we offer you products which are weather-proof and water-repellent. They are easy to process, offer outstanding protection and maintain the beauty of the garden. With our coatings, we offer great room for design with an attractive colour palette.