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window sill in a bathroom and view through the window

Wellness programme for wooden components – high-tech care products

Wooden windows are high-quality products which enhances housing quality, ensure a cosy atmosphere and increase your sense of well-being. To ensure it stays this way, the wood itself should also receive a wellness programme.

Care set for wooden windows

Simple cleaning and maintenance with the renowned Sikkens Wood Coatings care set (made up of a special cleaner and maintenance milk for windows) is essential for preserving value. Be it translucent or opaque – special cleaners and maintenance milk not only protect but also freshen up the colours. The windows of your customers will gleam with renewed brilliance. After use of the special cleaner, a treatment of the prepared coating with our maintenance milk is recommended. The maintenance milk should be applied once per year in order to extend maintenance intervals and overall service life.

Care cloth for house doors

Be it painted or varnished house doors – the care cloth brings new lustre and additionally protects against dirt and weathering influences. A regular application is sensible (once per year) in order to effectively extend the renovation intervals and the life cycle of your high-quality wooden doors.

General care tips

We recommend regularly cleaning wooden constructions with warm water and a mild detergent on the inside and outside as well as in the fold area. It should be ensured that the drainage openings are free so that rainwater can run off unimpeded. Oiling of the fittings with a fitting spray is also important for simple opening and closing as well as the processing of rubber seals with a seal care product for permanent elasticity and good sealing. These applications promise a long-lasting, good service life of windows and doors.

The 1-2 and done maintenance for wooden windows

Clean the coated wooden surfaces with the special cleaner.

Evenly apply the maintenance milk with a sponge. Done!