New! RUBBOL WF 3300 – Single pack front door paint with optimum surface protection

With the new water-based RUBBOL WF 3300, the Sikkens Wood Coatings brand by AkzoNobel presents a paint that perfectly protects highly stressed wooden front doors. Thanks to new, innovative raw materials it has been made possible to not only attain optimum weather protection, but also outstanding resistance to scratches, metal abrasions and dirt.


Simple processing with good spreading characteristics
The new RUBBOL WF 3300 door coating convinces with its processing and surface properties: 
It is easily applied with an airmix/airless sprayer. Thanks to its perfect spreading characteristics, two coats of 150 µm are sufficient to attain a furniture-like surface. Furthermore, it also convinces with its outstanding opacity and can be used as a mid and final coat. RUBBOL ® WF 3300 is toned with the new Aquaflex pigment pastes from the new AkzoNobel Wood Coatings Colour System.
Comprehensive rainbow of colours
Rubbol WF 3300 is toned with the AkzoNobel Wood Coatings Colour System. The new universal Aquaflex pigment pastes have great colour stability and allow a wide rainbow of colours. This means, for example, that all RAL and Sikkens 5051 colours are available. With these transparent but also highly opaque colours it is possible to achieve a very good opacity with the new WF 3300 1K mid and final coats, ensuring a perfect surface finish.

Best surface properties
With RUBBOL ® WF 3300, scratches due to key rings, belt buckles, rivets and, of course, toy cars no longer stand a chance. Metal objects do not leave lasting black marks due to metal abrasions on the new Rubbol WF 3300. This saves the front door from unsightly signs of wear or paint abrasion.

The new RUBBOL WF 3300 at a glance:

  • Water-soluble
  • Semi matte
  • Outstanding scratch resistance
  • Best ring resistance
  • Good spread
  • Furniture-like surface and pleasant feel