Product Description

Lightfast 2K solventborne topcoat with high filling power. This product is easy to sand and polish and is also suitable for bleached wood. Can be used as a final finish for QuantumColor QC-T460-XX.

  • Very clear and high-gloss
  • Suitable for bleached wood
  • Closed pores
  • Easy to sand and polish
  • Non-yellowing, lightfast in all conditions
Quantum T263  PU Acrylic Top Coats
Main Areas of Use
Interior, Furniture, Cabinets, Kitchen, especially in bathrooms
Spray application Airmix/Airless, Spray application high/low pressure
Mix Ratio
50% (2:1)
  • DIN 68861/1B/1C Chemical Stress
  • EN 71-3 European Standard For Migration Of Heavy Metals/Chemical Elements (e.g., Tests Children's Toys) & DIN 53160-1/2 Saliva And Sweat Fastness
  • Tox Control Emission
  • Solas/IMO
  • CATAS EN 1186-5 Food Contact
Colour Shade Gloss Level @ 60° Packsize
CLEAR High-gloss (90) 5 l / 20 l
Colour Shade CLEAR
Gloss Level @ 60° High-gloss (90)
Packsize 5 l / 20 l
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