Product Description

To be used with a thinner, to reduce concentrated solventborne stains. Add at minimum 40–50% thinner to a stain and up to 20% of colourants to improve wipeability, giving good pore marking and optimised harmonising effect.

  • It gives a very long open time to wipe the stain
  • Very good pore wetting
  • Can be used in combination with our Universal Stain
  • Mix with CI colorants to produce a variety of colours
  • Overcoat with Solventborne/Waterborne clear coat
Harmonizing Wiping Stain Solventborne Stains and  Patinas
Main Areas of Use
Interior, Furniture, Cabinets
Rag, Spray application high/low pressure
Colour Shade Gloss Level @ 60° Packsize
5 l
Colour Shade
Gloss Level @ 60°
Packsize 5 l
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