Product Description

Solventborne Antique Effect stain. A solvent-based dye/pigmented stain with rustic effect on coarse-pored wood.

  • No grain raise
  • Suitable for patinating
  • Lightfast dyes and pigments
  • Mix with CI colorants to produce a variety of colours
  • Overcoat with Solventborne/Waterborne clear coat
Technical Data Sheet

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Safety Data Sheet
Antique Effect Stain Solventborne Stains and  Patinas
Main Areas of Use
Interior, Furniture, Cabinets
Rag, Roller, Spray application high/low pressure
Colour Shade Gloss Level @ 60° Packsize
CLEAR 1 l / 5 l
Colour Shade CLEAR
Gloss Level @ 60°
Packsize 1 l / 5 l
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