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modern family house in gray and brown with wooden paneling and wooden windows

The next generation of CETOL®

The various different products of the CETOL® WF 98xx range from Sikkens Wood Coatings deliver better performance and excellent durability from a single platform.

This translucent range of waterborne single pack top coats for wooden windows, doors and claddings are suitable for all kinds of woods and provide excellent application properties, transparency and high durability.

Available in different gloss levels and appearance, CETOL® WF 98xx products deliver a high quality surface and a great look and feel to any wooden doors, joinery or cladding. They deliver no dirt pick-up and excellent levelling.

In this brochure, you’ll find all details about the complete CETOL® WF 98xx range – including CETOL® WF 9810- 03-xx, CETOL® WF 9810-04-xx, CETOL® WF 9810-46-25 and CETOL® WF 9830-03-05.

If you are looking to achieve long lasting surfaces with top performance, the CETOL® WF 98xx range will help you to deliver the best results ever.

Tested to the limit

Global Weathering Program

Product benefits

Simplifies choices

Suitable for all wood
Customers can use the range for softwood, hardwood and wood alu

Use same range no matter of end use
Can be used on wooden windows, doors, constructions and claddings.

Self sealer
CETOL® WF 9810-46-25 can be used as a self sealer

Improved quality

  • Excellent durability
  • No dirt pick up
  • Excellent levelling
  • Extended warranty now 7 years
    (2 years for light colours)


  • Excellent transparency
  • High body
  • Very good application properties
  • Adapted to Wood Color Tinting system tinting with Aquaflex
  • Low build, emphasizes a natural effect CETOL® WF 9830-03-05

Available products