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You are a distributor and want direct access to wood coating products? Download Wood App here.

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You probably use your smartphone every day - in your private and professional life. What could be more natural than bringing our product information directly to your mobile device?

You can download the Wood App here.

Wood Distributor App

A simple and convenient digital app that allows you to have direct access to all important product information directly from your pocket, anytime and anywhere. And all this even without an internet connection.

This application includes a product finder, integration with the color sensor, product literature including technical data sheets, and many other functions. Please watch the video to learn more. If you are an AkzoNobel distributor and would like to use this application – please contact a local sales representative!

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You need personal access data to use the Wood Distributor App. Contact us, we will be pleased to help you.

What are your benefits?

  • Digital tool with product information to help facilitate discussions with end-users
  • Support with answering questions during the customer visit without internet connection
  • Product information instantly available in digital format

What are the key functions?

  • Product Finder
    The Product Finder helps you to find a product recommendation following your requirements.
  • System Finder
    The System Finder helps to identify systems that are suitable for your project.
  • Quick Match Feature
    The Quick Match Feature finds the closest standard color by measuring a sample with a portable color sensor.
    Integration with color scanner device (RAL / NCS / Sikkens 5051 standards)
  • TDS, SDS search
  • Document section
    The Documents section contains various product brochures, which can be forwarded to your customers.
  • Sq. m. price calculator
  • Works even without an internet connection
  • Login with a password (the application is only available for users with credentials)
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