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High-quality primers for more system security

Primers are the connecting link between wood surfaces and coating. Their composition influences decisive characteristics of the coating system such as bonding.

The development of primer requires special diligence with respect to the selection of raw material, testing and system compatibility. Thus we use technology on the basis of modern bonding dispersions in water-soluble products. The result is characterised by a high penetration capability with deep, permanent anchorage in the wood's cell structure.

Varnish primers

The CETOL® WP series is available in a great variation of colours. Every natural wood tone can be replicated. Through coordinated combination with top coats (CETOL® WF 960/965 or CETOL® WF 9810), attractive system colours and company-custom collections can be created. Depending on the wood's quality, its inherent colour and surface structure can be intensified, levelled or concealed through specific selection of hue.

Pro tip for varnish hue

Select the same colour for primer and final coat.

Alternatively: prime in a darker colour (e.g. CETOL® WP 566 = J085T) and paint it lighter (e.g. CETOL® WF 965 = J006T)