RUBBOL® WP 1900: White stays white – even with staining components in wood

The Sikkens Wood Coatings brand from AkzoNobel has used innovative raw materials to develop a new generation of primer and mid coatings: RUBBOL® WP 1900. This can be used to create immaculately white wooden windows and doors, for example. The new product performs very well as a 1C coating, especially considering its wealth of outstanding properties and unusually strong covering power.


RUBBOL® WP 1900 – 1C insulating primer coat and mid coat The water-based 1C primer and mid coat RUBBOL® WP 1900 has the appealing – and unique - feature of successfully insulating the top coat against staining effects from wood components such as wax, resin or tannin. This avoids the typical and often highly noticeable yellowish-brown colour changes caused by bleed-through on both softwoods and hardwoods. In addition, when used with immersion or flowcoating techniques, RUBBOL® WP 1900 not only offers impressive covering capacity but also features good pore wetting and filling as well as its excellent run-off properties. The primer and mid coat are also configured for effective regulation of wood moisture content. 

White stays white – even if the wood is sub-par This new insulation technology offered by the Sikkens Wood Coatings brand from AkzoNobel is designed as the primer and mid coat solution within a coating system and offers the basis for first-class surfaces on softwood and hardwood structural parts. Even if the wood is sub-par or wood qualities vary from one component to another, the result is an even, white surface finish. The insulating primer and mid coat RUBBOL® WP 1900 can be used in both interior and exterior applications.