RUBBOL® WF 3310 – with a high-quality surface finish and outstanding resistance

Sikkens Wood Coatings presents its newly developed 1C mid and top coat with a high-quality surface finish. The water-based RUBBOL® WF 3310 gives highly exposed exterior wooden structural parts optimum protection against weathering that is resistant and resilient. The coating is also characterised by its excellent haptic appeal and covering power.


RUBBOL® WF 3310 – 1C coating with outstanding weather resistance The new 1C coating RUBBOL® WF 3310 features excellent weather resistance. This has been proven for the innovative coating in detailed tests conducted over several years. The coating was able to pass tests simulating extreme weather conditions such as Arctic snow and ice, the searing desert sun and muggy, humid tropical climates. RUBBOL® WF 3310 has easily endured outdoor weather conditions ranging from −10 °C in Malmö to 32 °C and 85% relative humidity in Borneo. 

RUBBOL® WF 3310 – versatile solutions for window production The water-soluble 1C coating RUBBOL® WF 3310 features a range of impressive product properties: this new window coating offers very good block resistance as well as excellent scratch and metal marking resistance. From a wet film thickness of just 150 µm, the coating offers very good covering power with a good spreading capacity. When working with the coating, two applications of this thickness are recommended; alternatively, one coat of 150 µm to a maximum of 300 µm can be applied in a single operation using a spray gun. This innovative window coating is available in the gloss levels of satin gloss or satin matte. And there are virtually no limits as regards individual colour design: apart from the standard colours pure white (RAL 9010) and traffic white (RAL 9016), any custom colour can be supplied according to RAL, Sikkens 5051 Color Concept and NCS. 

RUBBOL® WF 3310 – perfection, protection and cost-effectiveness in a single product The innovative RUBBOL® WF 3310 coating system offers optimal protection for all dimensionally stable and semi-stable wooden structural parts used in interior and exterior applications, featuring an impressively high-quality surface finish and excellent haptic appeal.